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August 2014

A Day with Roman Harper

Roman Harper

Last month, CBCC had the unique opportunity of spending the day with Roman Harper – safety for the Carolina Panthers and former Saints player.

We met Roman when he became the first player to donate at our annual Panthers Blood Drive, held each May 1.

“I’ve been donating since high school, and I have no intention of stopping,” Roman told us.

We asked Roman (who was new to our community) if he’d like to be a CBCC representative and he readily agreed. As a result, Roman gave us a day of his time to learn more about CBCC and to tell his new community why he supports local blood donation.

We started out on the Panthers practice field where ten-year-old Adam (a CBCC patient who battled childhood cancer) and 15-year-old Max (a local sickle cell patient) came out to meet Roman. Not only were they inspired to meet a professional football player, but Roman was inspired to meet them. He told us later how the stories of their medical hardships really drove home the importance of blood donation for him. After playing some ball with the kids, Roman joined us at Levine Children’s Hospital where he was interviewed in the Ryan Seacrest Studios by two young patients. He signed footballs for the children and visited several other patients in their hospital rooms.

Back at CBCC, Roman gave blood – even with training week just around the corner. Roman says he doesn’t enjoy needles, but he does enjoy making a difference. He said it’s relatively painless and takes very little time compared to the difference that it makes in the lives of patients like Adam – his new buddy.

“I know all about team spirit and community,” Roman said. “That’s why I give blood with CBCC. I know it’s staying here, helping this community.”

Roman and Adam

Local Lifesavers

Summer Shortage

CBCC is excited to launch its “Local Lifesavers” program this school year. Elementary school students who inspire someone to donate for them at an elementary school blood drive will receive this special t-shirt! Middle schools holding blood drives have the opportunity to win an ice cream or pizza party. Elementary and middle schools may also request a CBCC speaker to give a fun, educational presentation with student-friendly activities.

An A- Love Story

Jason, an A negative blood donor, started donating blood in high school, and he’s continued doing so ever since. So far, he’s donated over 90 times in his life. “My wife’s a dialysis nurse and I’m a veterinarian, so we know how important it is,” said Jason. “It’s an easy thing to do and it’s important.”

For Erin, it wasn’t just important – it was life-saving.

“Blood donation changed my life by allowing it to start!” Erin said. “My mother received two A-negative blood donations in late pregnancy due to severe complications. It saved her life and mine – we are so lucky blood was available. She has donated blood my whole life and was my inspiration to start. I love the idea that I can help so many people in such a significant way and for FREE! This picture is my mother, myself, and my daughter – who was thankfully born without complication but who I hope will also donate blood someday.”

It was A negative donors like Jason (only 6% of the population) that saved the lives of Erin and her mother, allowing Erin to grow up and have a child of her own.

When you donate blood, you never know the impact you could be making – but it is always great!

A- Blood donors

Pints for Pencils

Pints for Pencils

During the months of August and September, CBCC is donating school supplies for blood donations. When you donate blood with CBCC, you are not only saving local lives, but also giving area children the tools they need to succeed. Each year our Pints for Pencils campaign gives school supplies to the 19 counties we serve, in proportion to the blood donated from those counties. Thank you for helping us make an even bigger impact in our community!

High School Grant Winners

Each year, high schools that hold blood drives with CBCC are entered into a drawing for ten $1,000 grants. The more blood drives a school holds, the more times they are entered into the drawing. This year, our 10 lucky winners were: J.M. Robinson High School (Concord), Northwest Cabarrus High School (Concord), Hibriten High School (Lenoir), Ashbrook High School (Gastonia), R.S. Central High School (Rutherfordton), Monroe High School (Monroe), North Mecklenburg High School (Huntersville), Indian Land High School (Fort Mill), Fred T. Foard High School (Newton), and Vance High School (Charlotte). Congratulations to this year’s recipients! We’re looking forward to the 2014-2015 blood drives!

Hero of the Month

Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Belk Inc. – July’s Hero of the Month. The Belk Inc. corporate office has been a CBCC community partner for 10 years, holding their first blood drive with us in 2004. They originally held one drive a year, and are now holding three dives per year – helping us to meet increased demand. They consistently meet their blood drive goals, and July’s drive was no different – Belk Inc. helped save 60 lives!


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