Planning a Drive

Thank you for deciding to hold a blood drive with CBCC. Sponsors are a crucial part of the blood donation process, and your efforts will be appreciated by both the people who donate at your drive and the local patients who receive the blood. We hope this information will help you plan a successful event. The most important things to remember as you take on this project are to have fun with it, and remember that you are truly making an impact in people's lives.

10 Steps to a Successful Blood Drive

  1. Meet with your CBCC representative to schedule the drive, establish realistic goals, and develop a recruitment plan.
  2. Obtain support from your organization
  3. Recruit committee members who have both the time and the desire to participate
  4. Publicize the blood drive through a variety of communication vehicles
  5. Provide educational sessions such as group presentations, a centralized information table, or recruitment luncheons
  6. Have each committee member recruit donors one-on-one and schedule them for specific donation times
  7. Report your progress to the blood center representative for adequate staffing and accurate inventory management
  8. Confirm the site logistics
  9. Communicate the blood drive goals
  10. Remind donors of their scheduled appointments prior to the blood drive

Planning Checklist

Here is a helpful checklist you can use to keep track of your progress while planning your blood drive.
Download this checklist