Publicity & Recruitment

Recruitment involves one-on-one contact with potential donors, actively asking them to donate and signing them up to give blood. Both are important tasks. Directly asking someone to donate blood gives them a chance to feel good about saying yes. It also adds a personal touch, and gives a potential donor the chance to ask questions. Signing a donor up for an appointment confirms their commitment to the process and helps them understand that they are needed. Talking face-to-face gives you the chance to personally extend the invitation to donate, and emphasize the importance of blood donation. Here are some more suggestions for recruiting potential donors.


Publicity is a key element in the success of your blood drive. Although CBCC can provide you with an assortment of publicity materials, the best publicity involves people. Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember, have fun and be creative!

  • Notify the local media of your blood drive. You'll build pride for the project within your community
  • Ask community businesses to display drive posters or advertise on their outdoor signs
  • Distribute flyers and posters throughout high traffic areas in your community or give them to groups for their own distribution.
  • Ask community businesses to display drive posters or advertise on their outdoor signs.
  • Post drive information on your facebook and twitter pages

10 Ways to Save More Lives

  1. Just Ask!
    The number one reason that people do not give blood is because they have never been asked!
  2. Educate Others
    Remind donors to eat a good breakfast, drink at least 16 oz. of water, get a good night's sleep, and keep their iron levels up by eating iron-rich foods before donating to ensure their donation is successful
  3. Get Everyone Involved
    There are many ways to save lives. Ask your co-workers or classmates to participate by volunteering at the drive and recruiting other donors. The more people you get involved in the event, the more successful it will be.
  4. Make It An Event
    Create excitement for your drive by offering special food, treats, decorations, or recognition. Make sure it is a positive experience for everyone involved.
  5. Issue a Challenge
    Appeal to the competitive spirit in all of us by making participation in the drive a contest between groups or departments.
  6. Reward Drive Participants
    Many businesses will show their support by donating prizes that can be raffled off to participants.
  7. Bring a Friend
    Encourage donors to bring a friend with them to donate.
  8. Get the Word out
    Use as many publicity methods as possible to spread the word.
  9. Share an Inspirational Story
    Find someone you know that has been positively affected by blood donation and personalize the need by telling their story to the group.
  10. Ask, Commit, and Remind
    This basic three-step process will ensure that your drive will be a success!